Photos: [GAME] 130606 MBLAQ Special Characters in ‘Everyone Go Go Go/다함께 고고고’ Mobile Game App!

GAH! So cute! As a special treat to MBLAQ’s comeback, they have become special characters to korean mobile game called “다함께 고고고” or translated as “Everyone Go go go”! So cute! They’re actually “pets” like faeries or angels that help the main characters ^^

If you guys have an Android phone, you need to install the Kakaotalk app first, make an account, and then search for 다함께 고고고 and install the game. If you have an iPhone, I believe you can also search for it in iTunes or whatever shop they have, but you must have Kakaotalk installed and have an account.

For Android users:

Screencaps by: kamepichan@OhThunder, @LeaderOnTop

Video: [130503] Prince Thunder + MBLAQ for MBLAQ RING App Opening

HOMG, even though I love Thunder’s fluffy blonde hair, he really just looks so dashingly handsome in black hair ♥ I miss his black hair T-T Thunder just exudes the charming of a prince ㅜ

Thunder’s part at 2:13

Source: saakang

(UPDATED) Photos: [130502] MBLAQ are bright-looking men for MBLAQ RING App

GAH! THUNDER WITH A DOG! HOMG! I love it! sjdf;lkasdlfj He just looks really handsome with his black hair~~! I wonder if he’d like to adopt that dog so that Dadoong would have a playmate kkk~



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