Instagram: [150414 shpthunder] “Insta start” + Alan Nam’s photo update


Insta start, a part of the photoshoot! #Cheondung#ParkSanghyun#photoshoot#Arena#arena

Source: Cheondung’s official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

*Cheondung changed his Twitter profile picture again to his official picture~ his Instagram ID and picture are the same as his Twitter’s.



Cheondung Park Sanghyun. Arena. #arenahommeplus #ALAN

Source: Alan Nam’s Instagram
*Alan Nam owns the dress shop that Cheondung has been visiting, Alan’s

|HQ SCANS| MBLAQ – Calvin Klein Jeans for ARENA

Sorry for posting these late.. Anyway, for those who haven’t seen these pics yet, enjoy!! 🙂 Posted some close up shots and the HQ scans..

Some Close Up Shots:

Click here for the HQ Scans..