News Article: [130608] MBLAQ Members Say They Don’t Go to Clubs to Meet Girls

The MBLAQ members take their smooth moves to the club in the music video for latest single Smoky Girl, but the boys say they much prefer to stay home than hit the clubs in real life.

We sat down with the idol group to talk about its comeback, following MBLAQ’s Sexy Beat showcase in Seoul on June 4, where clubbing and meeting girls was the topic of conversation.

When we asked which member frequents the clubs, all of the members said emphatically, ”We really don’t go to clubs.” They added, “It’s not fun, to be honest.”

Leader SeungHo said, “If we want to drink, we can just buy soju and drink it at home. If we want to dance, we can just dance in the rehearsal room,” before Mir chimed in, saying “We dance every day.”

Thunder said, “You can wait at the hottest club for 365 days, and we won’t be there.”

So where do the MBLAQ members meet girls then?

The boys played coy, responding with teasing answers that ranged from meeting girls through messenger to playing online games.

Meanwhile, Thunder said with confidence, “It’s not like girls are only at clubs.”

“To be honest, we don’t meet a lot of girls,” said Mir. ‘We like to play with each other.”

Looks like the boys’ pelvic thrusts are meant for their fans’ eyes only, and we′re sure the fans have no problem with that.

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News Article: [130513] MBLAQ’s Thunder Tests His Fear of Heights in Nail Shop Paris

MBLAQ's Thunder

Netizens have been talking about nail artist Jin, played by MBLAQ’s Thunder, who melted away women’s hearts with his charm in the third episode of Nail Shop Paris.

Recently on set, Thunder revealed his emotional acting skills by taking on a different role of Jin, who is usually brightly smiling, surprising the entire staff. In one scene, Thunder’s character goes to the rooftop of a building to rescue a customer who is in danger.  The perilous scene was captured on a skyscraper building as the staff watched Thunder focus on his acting despite the fact that he felt dizzy and was afraid of heights. He received praise for his bravery.

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News Article: [130509] Netizens Love Thunder’s New Pink ‘Do


Various pictures captioned with the headline “MBLAQ’s Latest: Thunder’s New Hairstyle” were posted recently on Thunder’s fan page message board. Thunder’s bright pink hair is shown in the published photos. His new appearance is eye-catching, giving off quite a different charm than his blonde-haired look.

With his new pink hair color, Thunder showed off the flower boy idol’s splendor.  Fans are eagerly awaiting MBLAQ’s comeback.

Netizens’ reactions have been positive, with comments like, “Hairstyle looks good,” “He’s really handsome,” and “His face is white so any color would match well.

Thunder is also giving an excellent performance playing the role of nail artist Jin in Nail Shop Paris. What do you think of his role in the drama so far?

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Translated by: Joanne @ dramafever

News Article: [130427] Lee Joon gives an advice to Thunder in acting, “Just do what you want to”


MBLAQ’s Thunder who will be acting for the first time talked about the advice of fellow MBLAQ member Lee Joon to him.

The cast of MBC’s cable channel queen drama, “Nail shop Paris“, Park Gyuri, Thunder, Song Jae Rim, Jun Ji Hoo, Byun Woo Min, Kim Chae Yun, Han So Young, and PD Park Soo Chul attended the production announcement last April 26 in Seoul’s Yeouido CGV.

On this day, Thunder said “Until now, it seems like I will still be in MBLAQ’s concept which is manly and I’ll be showing off a strong image. I’m like that, and the other members dont have aegyo as well. Because it seems like I wasn’t able to show much of the smiling me, I would like to show my happy, smiling look if I have the opportunity this time.”

He was also asked if he received any advice from the members and he said,“I went to ask some advice from hollywood actor Lee Joon hyung and he told me just to do what I want. That’s why I just did everything i want to”, he replied while laughing.

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