Video: 130425 [CUT] EP4118 Good Morning’s short video coverage of Thunder, Mir and Joon at Haemil school!

Doongie always nodding and kkk Mir with his idol, Kim Taewoo (former member of GOD)

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Video: [CUT] 130416 Thunder, Mir and Joon short appearance at Y-Star’s Style News Ep. 458

This was during their appearance at Hamil school ^^

Source: mblaqthunder1007

*UPDATED* Photos: 130412 Smiling Thunder, Mir and Joon with Kim Tae Woo at Hamil School!

Omo, apparently Thunder, Joon and Mir were at this alternative school and since there are cameras around them, they are filming? It seems to be pretty recent as Thunder’s fluffy blonde hair and Mir’s black hair is the same now~ I hope we see them in school uniforms!


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|VID| MBLAQ Fancams in Chile

Here are some  fancams of MBLAQ in Chile.. Of course, I posted those that focused more on Thunder…  🙂
Credit and thanks to the uploaders of these videos.


credit: Li Martos

Gangnam Style
Thunder at the left side corner, second person wearing white… Him and Mir had synchronized choreography to Gangname Style.. 🙂

credit: Natalia Rojas

Special Stage- Cueca: Chilean Dance

credit: JohaniBanaHani

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|VID| 101227 MBLAQ NHK BS1 Asian Cross Road Interview

Cr: Y진리 @ Bestiz
Re-up by Absolute MBLAQ

CD:” I’m really cute….I’m sorry. ”
comment by kikiminn @ youtube

Imagine Johnny Depp acting as hyper bangaji Mir! Can’t help but laugh too. And Thunder is laughing by himself just by the thought of Justin Timberlake acting as him. 😀