|VID| ENG MBLAQ Idol Manager Ep 12

lol… Part 3 @ 8:27

Seungho really wants to be partnered with Thunder, neh? Even willing to act as a woman?!? Adorable SeungDoong!

caption: Thunder lands role as Sam
PKL: Sam! (calling Thunder)
Other voices: Sam! Yes, Sam. (camera focuses on Thunder’s reaction)
SH: Then I’ll play Donna
Thunder: Donna Sheridan
SH: Are you crazy? ( uses a high-pitched female voice)
Thunder: Donna Sheridan


credit: sinaq3

|TWITTER| 101121 Thunder Gets Fooled and Gets Hungry..

Ah~ So surprised….I really thought it was next week…Bang flour…I will get my revenge

NOTE: This is Thunder’s  comment regarding this tweet of Mir.

Finally it’s coming out next week..

Check his other tweets here..