Video: [FULL] 130610 – MBLAQ Guest Appearance on ‘Beatles Code 2’

Here is the Park Siblings cut and translation if you guys are interested ^^


Video/Translation: [CUT] 130610 – Thunder Talks About Dara on ‘Beatles Code 2’

MC: What’s the age difference between you and your sister?
Thunder: 6 years.
MC: Do you meet your sister regularly?
Thunder: Yeah, we live together in the same house now.
MC: You live together with 2NE1?! Wow I’m jealous. (They are just kidding by the way!)
MC: Do you think your sister is pretty?
Thunder: At home, I don’t say things like “Wow, she’s pretty.” But when she is with other singers onstage…
MC: So you are saying she’s not really pretty at home but compared to other singers she’s prettier (other singers are ugly)?!
Thunder: No, I don’t mean that!
MC: So you are saying when your sister is compared to singers like SNSD, SNSD is not as pretty?
Thunder: No I don’t mean that. I mean when she is with other singers who are pretty, she becomes pretty too.

Translated by: jimin191@youtube + thunder mblaq

News Article: [130610] Thunder and Mir shares their sibling affection: “My Noona, Sandara Park, Is Beautiful Even In The Midst Of Pretty People”

Thunder, “Noona Sandara Park, Beautiful Among Celebrities”



MBLAQ‘s Thunder gives an honest remark about 2NE1′s Sandara Park.

On the broadcast of “Beatles Code” on June 10th, MBLAQ came as guest stars as they start their promotional activities for “Smoky Girl.”

Recently, Thunder lived in the same house as Sandara Park (T/N: Probably their family home. Dara and Thunder usually stay with their group members at their company residences while promoting) while doing his recordings. He said, “When she’s made-up and among other celebrities, I get impressed and think that my noona is very pretty, but I also thought that even at home (T/N: Probably he means even when she’s dressed simply and bare-faced)she’s still beautiful,” he revealed. He continued, “Even standing amongst pretty people, my noona still looks very beautiful,” he said, showing his pride for his sister, and boasting of their close friendship.

On the other hand, Mir said of older sister, actress Go Eun Ah, “My noona, Go Eun Ah, is really bad,” he said, “There was never a time that I thought she was pretty,” giving the words of how most siblings see each other.

After this, the MBLAQ members held an impromptu popularity poll for the twoMBLAQ noonasSandara Park and Go Eun Ah.

Meanwhile, Thunder and Mir‘s “Noona Love” can be seen on the broadcast of “Beatles Code 2” on the 10th, at 6:00PM.

T/N: On the screencap, the captions with Thunder says, “Pretty even among pretty people.”


Source: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: [OFFICIAL] 130607 – MBLAQ at Beatles Code 2 Recording!

Aww, Mir still had his long hair here~ our Bang puppy~ Our boys looks like the boy next there ^^

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