{UPDATED!} Twitter: [131007] Dara Tweets #HappyDungDay + Thunder’s Reply! “When he was young, he used to give me batteries!”

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Park Siblings ♥

Dara:  Happy birthday to our maknae, our Thunder! Big sister is too far and can’t cut the cake with you, but still happy birthday! Always fighting!

Thunder: “He he he”


Dara: “Everyone!! I have something to tell you guys! Last year or 2 years ago?! On my b’day, Thunder sent me a gift! With my heart dub dub I opened it.. diirorioi.. Ga-game..console TT He told me it was a HOT one! That Nuna’s dorm must have it!

Thunder:  “But it was a good one keke”

Note: Diirori is a sound effect, meaning having mental breakdown




Dara: “”It really wasn’t my type.. I said I didn’t need this.. Then makdoong-I said “Then should I use it?” kkkkk when he was young, he used to give me batteries!! Cute right?!”

Dara: “I said I don’t do those games!!! ㅠ.ㅠ However the padding brought during my birthday in 2009 I wear very well~every year ^.^”

Source: @shpthunder, @krungy21
Translated by: @blackjackbelle

Me2day: [130928] Dara Mentions Thunder + Durami’s Birthday – “It’s little noona’s birthday right?”

-- s me2day

Translation: “I came here to greet happy birthday~!!! ^.^ Yesterday is our cutie manager who does eyesmile, Sehun’s birthday! Although you’re shy and different with Jjangmae and I can’t post a picture of you, happy birthday! Second~ It’s my little sister’s birthday today~ Cheondung said “It’s little noona’s birthday right?” & bought a gift! I want to get a birthday gift from Cheondung too. Big noona’s bday is soon. Ah Cheondung’s birthday is coming first, anyways to everyone whose birthday is on September, Happy birthday!

Note: Thunder is the youngest child while Dara is the eldest, their little noona (middle child) is Durami.

Source: Dara me2day
Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

|PIC| That’s Right Birthday Support Gifts 10/07/12

Some of the admins posted the Birthday Support for Thunder by That’s Right. Some of you participated in that, so I’m posting this in order for you to know where your contribution went in case you don’t visit http://www.withthunder.com. 🙂

Thanks a lot to all of you and to That’s Right (withthunder.com) for the continuous support for our MBLAQ’s Thunder.

PS: Yeah, the gifts really help him a lot with his love for composing. ♥

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|FANVIDS| Video Birthday Greetings for Thunder 100712

Lots of love for our birthday makdoongie so I decided to compile all those birthday video greetings!! Love all the effort!! =) I hope he gets to see all your birthday videos.

credit: dec1880

credit: Cheondung Thaiproject



credit: MBLAQMX

credit: Qii Joon
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|TWITTER| 101112 Thunder’s Birthday Greetings to His Dara Noona

Sorry,  late post again.. But better late than never, right? hehe…
Thunder so sweet!! Park siblings have a really great relationship with each other. ♥♥