Photos: [130618] MBLAQ Behind-the-Scenes of Album Comeback Photoshoot

Doesn’t everyone look dashing?And hahaha, because Thunder was scared of the snakes he couldn’t have it around him like the other members did so its just on the floor with him XD

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Video: [CUT] NG-Prince Thunder aka ‘JIN’ on ‘Nail Shop Paris’ BTS

HOMG, THIS. We’ve been looking for this forever and it’s finally here! Thunder was so goofy behind the scenes of ‘Nail Shop Paris’! Oh my! He could’ve been the moodmaker! Anyways, NG means “No Good” scenes such as laughing or simply missing lines XD Thunder admitted to it during ‘NSP’ conference XD And… I never thought I’d see the day Thunder would dance to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’

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Video: [130520] BTS video of MBLAQ for Cosmopolitan ‘Ready To Move’ June 2013 Issue

HOMGAH, when Thunder turned his head in the beginning… ♥

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|VID| 110110 BTS of MBLAQ’s CRY MV

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|PICS| 110108 BTS Alba CF Part 2

How cute can Doongie become?! I want to touch his cheeks xD

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