[UPDATED!] Video: 130503 [TEASER] Thunder is overfamiliar busybody JIN in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama

Hahahaha~! I seriously can’t with Thunder as Jin! He’s just asking to be argued with! Just going into people’s bubbles and Yeoju can’t have that! lol

Rough Translations/Notes 


Jin: “Wah, Hyung, should we got a jimjilbang then?” (Jimjilbang is a korean bathhouse/spa place)


Jin the overexcited goofball toldAlex (Jeon Jihoo) and Yeoju (Gyuri) they should go inside the steam rooms


Jin: “What’s this?”

Yeoju: “mp3! It’s an mp3!”

Jin said something about Yeoju being strange and Yeoju got flustered and denied it XD

Rough translations by: kamepichan@OhThunder
Source: MBCplusm