HD Photo: [130520] Milky-skin Thunder drinking water in CF-like manner

I think I’ve said it before when I say that Thunder is a walking pictorial… OTL Everything he does is a photoshoot.
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|VID| 101013 인델리 Curry CF [Cheondung vers.]

This was unexpected [atleast it was to me x)], I didn’t knew that they shoot this CF. So it was a surprise.

The CF is short but we got 6 seconds of cuteness : -Shall we Indelli ? 🙂

Source: 방아지향기 @Bestiz
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|PICS| 101008 Teaser for Chapstik CF

So the speculation is over. The CF include all the MBLAQ members kekeke*

I so want the apple one x)

Source: Naver Chapstick Blog

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