111018 Dadoong’s new nickname -Cheetos!

So based on Dara’s newest me2day update it seems Cheondung have given a nickname for Dadoong 😀 What do you think? Is it a suitable name for Cheondung’s little son?^^

Dara’s me2day update:

천둥이가 지은 다둥이 별명이있는데..ㅋㅋ바로바로! 치토스에요ㅋ그 호랑이랑 닮았다고 계속 놀려요! 불쌍한 다둥이ㅋㅋ아빠한테 놀림받구!막내로자란 천둥이가 갑자기 다둥아들이 생기니까 이뻐죽겟나봅니다!ㅋ이제 내가 왜 자기한테 개똥이라고 애칭을 만들어부르는지 이해하겟죠?ㅋㅋ

Chundoong made a nickname for Dadoong.. ke ke It’s! Cheetos ke He keeps teasing him saying he looks like that tiger! Poor Dadoong ke ke Being made fun of by his dad! Now that Chundoong, who was raised as the youngest in our family, has his son Dadoong, he must enjoy it like crazy! Ke Now you understand why I made the nickname “Dog poop” for you right? Ke ke

TAG: Those who have the ability, let’s photoshop Dadoong onto a bag of Cheetos and give it to Chundoong as a present ke ke

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by GEE @YGLadies.com

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