|PIC| Pre-debut Pics of Thunder and Dara with Durami

Pre-debut pics of Thunder and Dara together with their other sister, Durami.
Thanks to ann for sharing this picture in the Tips Section.

Park siblings are so adorable!


|PIC| That’s Right Birthday Support Gifts 10/07/12

Some of the admins posted the Birthday Support for Thunder by That’s Right. Some of you participated in that, so I’m posting this in order for you to know where your contribution went in case you don’t visit http://www.withthunder.com. 🙂

Thanks a lot to all of you and to That’s Right (withthunder.com) for the continuous support for our MBLAQ’s Thunder.

PS: Yeah, the gifts really help him a lot with his love for composing. ♥

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|VID| KA+ Music Letters for Cheondung’s Birthday

KA+ own composition or music letters for Cheondung’s birthday.
I wish I could understand the lyrics. 😛
Thanks to yen hai for uploading these vids in youtube.

October 7, 2011
Thunder’s 22nd Birthday ( Korean age)

October 7, 2012
Thunder’s 23rd Birthday ( Korean age)
Title of Song: My Lover

credit:  yen hai

|VID| Cover of MBLAQ Thunder’s Don’t Go

Just sharing a video I stumbled upon. He looks like a combination of Cheondung, Nichkhun and Leo… 😀 He’s French by the way.. His cover is quite good, I’d say.. 🙂
Makes me also proud that someone is covering our bb’s song..

credit: AlexanderBMusic

|FANVIDS| Video Birthday Greetings for Thunder 100712

Lots of love for our birthday makdoongie so I decided to compile all those birthday video greetings!! Love all the effort!! =) I hope he gets to see all your birthday videos.

credit: dec1880

credit: Cheondung Thaiproject



credit: MBLAQMX

credit: Qii Joon
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