|VID| KA+ Music Letters for Cheondung’s Birthday

KA+ own composition or music letters for Cheondung’s birthday.
I wish I could understand the lyrics. 😛
Thanks to yen hai for uploading these vids in youtube.

October 7, 2011
Thunder’s 22nd Birthday ( Korean age)

October 7, 2012
Thunder’s 23rd Birthday ( Korean age)
Title of Song: My Lover

credit:  yen hai

|VID| Cover of MBLAQ Thunder’s Don’t Go

Just sharing a video I stumbled upon. He looks like a combination of Cheondung, Nichkhun and Leo… 😀 He’s French by the way.. His cover is quite good, I’d say.. 🙂
Makes me also proud that someone is covering our bb’s song..

credit: AlexanderBMusic

|FANVIDS| Video Birthday Greetings for Thunder 100712

Lots of love for our birthday makdoongie so I decided to compile all those birthday video greetings!! Love all the effort!! =) I hope he gets to see all your birthday videos.

credit: dec1880

credit: Cheondung Thaiproject



credit: MBLAQMX

credit: Qii Joon
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|TRANSLATION| Thunder’s Mother and Dara’s Letter to Thunder in Idol Manager

Thunder’s mother letter to Thunder:

Cheondoong ah,
I have a lot to say to you, but when I hold onto the pen I forget about it.

You who had always wanted to become a singer, I was worried. But you seems to be working well. Without time for practice, when the first time you moved into the dormitory, I am also worried that you will not be able to get along well with your hyungs. Seeing you getting along so well I am really happy. Although it is tiring and there are so many sad moments, however if you keep your determination, it will get better one day.
~~Stay strong^^♡
And also have fun

From mom

Mom don’t like to play with toys now, buy me something else…giving me money is also fine.
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[CUT] 120524 MBLAQ Mydol with Eng Sub (Part 2)

The continuation of last week’s show… Just click CC to read the subs..
Enjoy! 😀

credit: todnxnlrla