Twitter: [@krungy21] 130609 – Supportive Dara Noona Monitors MBLAQ’s ‘Smoky Girl’ Performance

kkk of course, the ever supportive Dara unnie! We love you so much for being the best noona towards Thunder and MBLAQ! I hope she takes a selca with Thunder and MBLAQ ^o^

Translation: “Noona ya~!!! Hoo!!! Noona mode monitoring my brother^_^ Smoky girl smoky girl~

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Translated by: @kristinekwak

Video: [CUT] 130608 MBLAQ Backstage Interview + Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl Comeback Performance at Music Core

OTL. Seriously, our boys are just so silly XD Mir is so hyper! HOMGG and is it me or is the point of interest in Thunder’s outfit seems to be his chest and collarbones… =////= seriously loving Sexy Beat choreo! And the fanchants was super awesome!

Backstage interview

Sexy Beat + Smoky Girl

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Video: [CUT] 130601 – Preview of MBLAQ’s Comeback on Music Core

Who’s excited?! XD

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[INFO] MBLAQ’s 5th Mini Album ‘SEXY BEAT’ Track List + more info

FINALLY! Our #COMEBLAQ! You can see under the ‘Writer(s)’ column that Thunder participated in composing the songs! Awesome~~ Our Doongie is indeed talented! Mir and GO helped out too! I see some familiar names in there too like Primary and Simon D, both of which are talented songwriters, can’t wait!

Date of Publication: June 4, 2013

– Celebration
– Dress Up
– R U OK?
– Smoky Girl
– Sexy Beat
– 소녀 (Girl)


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