{UPDATED!} Twitter: [130712] Park Siblings Conversation! “I thought that if you see your elder sister’s face while working, good songs will come out..”

Awwww, love how Thunder will support his Dara noona & 2NE1’s group! Park Siblings! ♥



Thunder: “@krungy21 Falling in love, falling in love, the MCD stage was great should I go watch Inkigayo”

Dara: “@MBLAQCD Dog poop~!!! Aigoo you pretty one, youre even monitoring me +.+ It seems that you liked it that i have normal hair now!!! ^.^ My kind little brother >.< ”

Thunder: “Instead of your hair just stop changing the mouse pad kkk”

Dara: “ㅋㅋㅋ I thought that if you see your elder sister’s face while working, good songs will come out..”

Note: “Falling In Love” is the title of 2NE1’s new song.

Source: @MBLAQCD
Translated by: @MBLAQSG, @ilove2NE1girls, @kristinekwak

Twitter: [@MBLAQCD] 130707 – Thunder Makes Music in a Cave along with Dara’s Mousepad?

Hahhaha! I love how Dara’s items just find themselves into Thunder’s room! so cute!


Translation: “Nowadays I has just been making music in the cave… Using a pencil to write lyrics is definitely my thing.. but when should I change the mouse pad… kekeke”

Source: @MBLAQCD
Translated by: Afrah

{UPDATED!} Twitter: [130622] Dara replies to Thunder – “Where’s Dadoongie?”


Thunder: “My work room! Together with the new purchased machine(maschine)!! The sound is good and it’s convenient! hehe Fascinating fascinating!”

Dara: “Where’s Dadoongie?”

Thunder: “Doongie is playing keke”

Dara: “Really? Please feed baby doong and play with him well~ Noona will come back after exercising ^.^”

Thunder: “Alright keke”

Source: @krungy21, @MBLAQCD
Translated by: holly@abm
Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Photo: [130621] Thunder’s Cute Post-It Replies for Fans at Yeouido Fan-Sign Event!


Fan: “What was the best food that Dara noona made?”

Thunder: “Ramyun… cup..”


A fan asked Thunder to draw Dadoongie and he did! kkk so cute!

Source: twinsister07MJinRy
Translated by: @kristinekwak
Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Twitter: [@krungy21] 130614 – Chef Dara Prepares Breakfast and is Teased by Thunder – “Did you forget to put salt in the eggs..?”

Hahahahaha! I can’t even! OTL This is so funny and cute at the same time! I love how close these two are! And even though Thunder is teasing Dara’s… creative culinary skills, he still eats and finishes it! That right there, is a good man, and is a keeper ♥

Translation: “While I was in the state between sleeping and waking (or dreamlike state), Thunder came home suddenly when my mother went out. He had just come in from a dry rehearsal, went back home to eat, and then said that he must head out once again… Hmmm…. I don’t know how to cook all that well yet, however!!! The menu is~ Fried eggs!!! ^.*v”

Translation: “However!!! Cheondoongie was all worried and asked, “Are you including the shells in what you’re making?” Heol… It’s because one time in the past, I left behind tiny bits of the shell while I was cooking fried eggs… ^^;;;;; It was an honest mistake though, and I’m doing the best to my abilities today!!! ^_^ Bonus, Vienna sausage!”

Translation: “Eldest sister’s fantastic meal is completed, served along with mother’s pre-prepared side dishes!!! But then Cheondoongie had two questions for me. “Did you forget to put salt in the eggs..?” @.@ “You completely forgot?” 하하하 Such suspicions ㅋㅋ However, still took a bowl of rice and ate deliciously ^_^v”

Translation: ” For my dongsaeng (T/N: younger brother) who was longing for a home-cooked food, the meal that was prepared by eldest noona with lots of love. Usually, I really don’t have time to cook, but hastily put out a humble meal so that he can eat deliciously; hoping that he will enjoy a good stage on Music Bank today!!! ^_^v Fighting~”


Translated by: @blackjackbelle
Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder