[INFO+TUTORIAL]: How To Join MBLAQ’s Official Cafe and Daum as a Foreigner

Got this straight from MBLAQ’s daum cafe ^^ Please post if you guys have questions or comments and I’ll try to help as much as I can ^o^ THIS IS A FAN CAFE! Being a member doesn’t mean you will be official A+, daum fancafe is the official FANCAFE that JTUNE shares official things with the fans ^^; Like membership fees and all that. Hopefully that makes sense, if it doesn’t please make a comment and I’ll try to clear it some more ^^


This is J.Tune Camp.

For more convenient usage of official cafe of MBLAQ for foreign fans,

We will provide you with directions to join usage of Daum


How to join Daum

1. Click the ‘join‘ button under the login section!

2. Select method of verification (e-mail, mobile, phone or ladline phone)

3. Agree the Standard User Agreement.

4. Enter e-mail address

– entered e-mail will be used as “e-mail ID” and verification mail will be sent to that address.

Please verify within 12 hours.

What is e-mail id?

① It is the ID that can be used to login, find password and etc. like the regular Daum ID.

② Only mails from other services (Naver, Nate, Google, etc.) can be used and Daum e-mail addresses

(@daum.net, @hanmail.net) cannot be used

③ You can only join once with one e-mail account.

5. Access Official MBLAQ cafe

– Please type cafe.daum.net/Mblaq and enter

6. Join the cafe

JTUNE didn’t go further than I thought but to ACTUALLY JOIN THE FANCAFE, follow below:

7. Click ‘카페 가입하기‘ which means ‘JOIN CAFE‘ and you should be done.


Source: JTUNE + cap by kamepichan@OhThunder

Photo: [DAUM CAFE] 130412 MBLAQ’s Fancafe Cafe New Header “COMING SOON”

OMO! Are we finally getting a #COMEBLAQ? YES PLS.

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