Twitter: [131007] Thunder Uploads a Funny pic of ‘Doong Dara Park’ + Dara’s Reply!


Thunder: “Thank you so much to all fans who wished me a happy birthday ㅜㅜ As a reply I am giving you a photo of myself as Doong Dara Park during a concert! Unfortunately the hair didn’t come out very well.. Either way! Thank you so so much!!”

Dara: “This… how would one know this is DoongDara Park ㅠㅠ Just! Just only the hair didn’t come out kekeke”

Source: @shpthunder, @krungy21
Translated by: @MBLAQSG, abm

Twitter: [@krungy21] 130808 – Dara Uploads a Winking and Kissable Cap of Thunder from 2NE1’s #DOYOULOVEME MV!


Translation: “DoongDara”

Source: @krungy21
Translated/Posted by: kamepichan@ohThunder