Press Photos: 130324 Handsome chic Thunder rehearsing for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama

GAH. Finally, I’ve been waiting for Thunder pics to come out and it seemed like FOREVER till today~~ And there are articles to go with this so please wait as our translator wakes up and is able to translate it ^o^

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Photo: 130322 Smiling and kind Thunder with child actor extras for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama

Thunder’s smile, I cannot T-T


Jung-Eun was hardly starred on any shows since her last summer holiday KBS documentary show^^
She had gained a lot of confidence from the fact that she was now attending acting academies/colleges and felt that it was time for her to act in something. Today she went to MBC (Drama-Net Drama) Nailshop Paris as she was casted as an extra. It was quite difficult to travel to Seoul from Ulsan at the crack of dawn but she got through it and learnt a lot from the set.
Gyuri shouted out lunch and gifts to the staff and Jung-Eun was very lucky to be there. As there were left-over gifts Gyuri insisted on giving Jung-Eun and the other child actor their gifts. And the male character (MBLAQ Thunder) was also kind enough to take photos with Jung-Eun and the other child actor~

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This must have been taken on the 21st ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thunder is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Photo: HD pic of Smiling Thunder and the main cast welcoming you for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama!

GAH! Doong just looks so perfectly handsome I can’t even T-T


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[UPDATED] Photos: 130318 More Handsome Thunder drama stills with the cast of ‘Nail Shop Paris’

Gah! More stills of Thunder and the main cast of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama! Seriously can’t wait and Thunder just looks too adorable smiling with Gyuri and T-T that lady is lucky to be held by Thunder’s hand and to be given a manicure T-T Also, ALL FILIPINO A+s! It seems that the ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama trailer will be unveiled during the showcase! Whaaa, I hope someone takes a video of it!

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Photos: 130315 Mysterious and adorable stills of Thunder and the main cast of ‘Nail Shop Paris’!

HOMGAH. I feel like this drama is so so so close already, I cannot wait ♥ Thunder looks so cute in his outfits and everyone’s in uniforms XD And HOMGAHHH WHY IS HIS HAND ON GYURI’S SHOULDERS FASKJDFLKASJDFLKJSDLKFJ T-T I need this drama now OTL

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