Twitter: [@nailshop2013] 130607 – NSP Twitter Shares Photos of Jin in Drama Stills

Blonde Doong or Pink Doong, they both look handsome ♥

Translation: “In contrast to the sideline job, Jin who is working faithfully on a customer’s nail~ But this doesn’t seem to be Paris’ hall….”

Translation: “What is so special about this place where Yeoju, Alex & Jin has come to… with two charming senior citizens~^^ But then where is Kei?”

Source: @nailshop2013
Translated by: Afrah @ ABM

Twitter: [@nailshop2013] Thunder is a lollipop eating boy with Gyuri at ‘NSP’ filming

Translation: “Yeojoo and Jin-! Now, What kinda of Story is going on with these two??”

Source: @nailshop2013
Translated by: ashajyothi @

Photos: 130501 Brightly laughing Thunder + more ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama still cuts

Doong-ah~~ Why so cute! kkk


paris_photo130430194342mbcqueen0_zps30e7c45cBJKXmX_CMAAAHTZ BJKWRjRCEAAYWbR

Source: @nailshop2013
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan

HD Fan-taken Photos: 130426 [BLAQSTICK] Playful Thunder at ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Drama Conference

kekeke~~ Thunder is so cute~ I love how he’s just so playful with his facial expressions cos of this drama ♥

IMG_2097 (1) IMG_1372 762759359

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Twitter: 130426 [@krungy21] “Bad” Dara Noona forgets Thunder’s drama announcement

Aigoo~ Dara calling herself a bad noona? LOL No.1 fan of Thunder is always you Dara~~ Thank you for always supporting Thunder!

Translation: “This bad noona will give a rice wreath with my heart ㅠㅠ What in the world. The drama announcement was so long ago…I was so busy that I forgot to send a rice wreath….. @MBLAQCD”


Translated by: @kristinekwak
Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder