Press Photos: 130324 Handsome chic Thunder rehearsing for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama

GAH. Finally, I’ve been waiting for Thunder pics to come out and it seemed like FOREVER till today~~ And there are articles to go with this so please wait as our translator wakes up and is able to translate it ^o^

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News article: 130323 Han So young joins ‘Nail-Shop Paris’… acts with Gyuri-Thunder + reveals character


Actress Han So-young will be starring in the new drama Nail-shop Paris by MBC Queen along with Park Gyuri of Kara and MBLAQ Thunder. 

Han So-young, (from MBC Everyone’s ‘Singles 2’) will be acting as a Park Gyuri’s best friend who helps Park Gyuri with her disguise as a male. Even though she makes mistakes quite often, she’s a character that you can’t hate. She will also be acting as Thunder’s girlfriend.

Han So-young says, “I’ve been given a role that would be envied by most actresses. I want to try my best to portray myself as a lovely character- almost like from a cartoon.” Han So-young recently received a lot of attention from ‘Singles 2’ where she revealed her 1st place (state-wide) school report.

Nail-shop Paris will be broadcasted on MBC Drama Net and MBC Drama Queen and has been receiving a lot of attention lately for being the first fantasy nail shop based drama.

From another article, “She (Soyoung) will also be showing a lot of skinship with Thunder as lovebirds”

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Photo: 130322 Smiling and kind Thunder with child actor extras for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama

Thunder’s smile, I cannot T-T


Jung-Eun was hardly starred on any shows since her last summer holiday KBS documentary show^^
She had gained a lot of confidence from the fact that she was now attending acting academies/colleges and felt that it was time for her to act in something. Today she went to MBC (Drama-Net Drama) Nailshop Paris as she was casted as an extra. It was quite difficult to travel to Seoul from Ulsan at the crack of dawn but she got through it and learnt a lot from the set.
Gyuri shouted out lunch and gifts to the staff and Jung-Eun was very lucky to be there. As there were left-over gifts Gyuri insisted on giving Jung-Eun and the other child actor their gifts. And the male character (MBLAQ Thunder) was also kind enough to take photos with Jung-Eun and the other child actor~

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This must have been taken on the 21st ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thunder is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Twitter: [DARA] 130320 Dara replies to a fan about Thunder: “Thunder is so cute walking while thinking about nails keke”

Hahaha, Dara has been tweeting nail art in her twitter lately (and we think this is her subtly promoting Thunder’s drama) and she said she got her nails done at a nail shop (which she should have just gotten Thunder to do XD kekeke) and a fan tweeted her this!


Fan: Unni’s hand is really pretty!!! Looking at unni’s nails, it makes me think about Cheondung-oppa’s upcoming drama kekeke The main theme of that drama are nails!

Dara: Thunder is so cute walking while thinking about nails keke

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Photos: 130320 More Thunder filming for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ with the main cast

Here’s more pics ^o^ Seriously, this drama needs to happen already ♥

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