Photos: 130824 – Fan requests Thunder to draw Mir + Seungho to draw Thunder during MBLAQ ‘Love Beat’ Yeouido Fan-sign!

Lol!!! Thunder’s drawing to Mir is really funny… Mir is not a monster tho ^^ And seungho’s drawing! kkkkk Thunder’s broad shoulders and his small head!


Mir, drawn by Dung (정말 공들여서 그려주더라구요./He took a very long time, drawing this. kkk)

BScP11gCEAA8-NpDung, drawn by SeungHo

SOURCE: 2w_double_u


Photo: 130721 – Thunder Cutely Draws a Snake on a Fan’s Photo Album!

As you may all remember, Thunder was the only member who didn’t take a photo with a snake during their MBLAQ ‘Sexy Beat’ album photoshoot! XD It was because he was scared of them! Ahaha, so on a recent fan-sign event (at Busan, I believe) one of the korean fans received a super cute note from Thunder! As you can see below, Thunder drew his own version of snake on his album photo along with his signature! Ahahaha! This is so cute!



Source: @yojungn2

Photo: [130626] Thunder’s Self-Drawing for ‘Show Champion’ Episode 65

Hahaha XD lol so cut! MBLAQ drew themselves & this is Doongie’s drawing!


Source: @mirfak

Photo: 130516 [OFFICIAL] Doodling Thunder at ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Drama Still Cut

I really don’t know what Thunder was doing in this picture OTL lol he seems to be doodling and holding a gel tube of some sort?


Source: MBC
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@Ohthunder