Video: [ENG SUB] 130609 – MBLAQ Special Guests on Let’s Go ‘Dream Team 2’

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Photos: [130609] Prince Thunder + MBLAQ at Dream Team 2 Recording!

Okay, it’s a personal comment but for some reason, Thunder and Jeon Song Lee (the gymnast) has this really cute… aura together. Maybe because Jeon Song Lee is similar to Thunder’s ideal girl type, well he has a thing for rhythmic gymnasts. LMFAO I will leave this bit to your imagination~

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{UPDATED!} Videos: [FULL] 130609 – MBLAQ at Let’s Go Dream Team 2

I’m still watching so I’ll update with rough notes & comments ^^ There were only small parts that really stood.

Rough Notes:

– Joon was called an ‘ajusshi’ by Boom after he did his split at the beginning
– Thunder’s partner in Dream Team Recording is called “Cheon Song Lee”
– Thunder imitated Mariah Carey in his dolphin voice
– On Seungho vs Joon in the beginning, the caption was “(Seungho) Present Man vs (Joon) Past Man” cos the girl picked them out
– Seungho was partnered with Jo Eun Jeong.
– Mir was partnered with Choi Yena.
– Joon was partnered with Lee Soo Rin
– When GO hit the bar the first time, Mir yelled out for him to hurry up XD (cos they were carrying the girls)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Video: [FANCAM] 130519 – Prince-like Thunder with Rhythmic Gymnast at Dream Team 2 Recording!

GAH, I swear. There’s something about Thunder and this girl that makes me think they’re so cute together XD lmfao Don’t kill me yet but seriously, when I see the pictures of them, she’s pretty and Thunder’s handsome but there’s just something. LMFAO Anyway, Thunder was acting like a prince! The way he carried and held her~ I think this was a practice run or something, when the bar hit his back and he stopped for a second like he panicked and then he set her down. Then Thunder touched her forehead cos the bar accidentally hit her forehad. GAH, and then she touches her, GAH. DYING.

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Photos: [130606] Official photos of Thunder & Gymnast Partner at Dream Team 2 Recording!

GAH, so jealous of this gymnast! Being carried and held by Thunder like that… ㅠㅠ It will broadcast on June 9.

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