“Make a Woman Cry” Episode cuts

Cheondung cuts for now.

Episode 1 (Cheondung cut):

Episode 2 (Cheondung cut):

Episode 3 (Cheondung cut):

Episode 4 (Cheondung cut):

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*UPDATED w/ BTS* Video: [FULL] 130802 – MBLAQ on ‘The Dramatic’ Music Idol Drama Episode 1


Thunder’s character seems to be student who’s been in New York, California and London

Behind The Story

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(UPDATED!!) Videos: 130503 [CUTS] Thunder as ‘JIN’ in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 01+02

Found and uploaded this XD Hahaha, pouting Thunder and askdjfaksjdf;lkasj Thunder with wet hair is amazingly nggffff. His unique way of drying his hair! XD Hahahah!

*Will update as more come*

Episode 01

Episode 02

“JIN’s unique way of drying his hair”

“Pouting JIN in ‘Nail Shop Paris”

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Video: 130502 Hilarious long preview of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 1

HOMG, so interesting! So cute when Thunder called out “hyung!” to Jihoo XD And hahahha, I guess Gyuri’s character fantasizes a lot? What was that vampire/historical saeguk part? lol So interesting! And just homg, Thunder being a happy aegyo guy, I cannot ♥