|SCAN+TRANS| 110314 MBLAQ in epop, Malaysian magazine. Issue no 298

Like before I’m just going to post Thunder-related parts and others will be omitted. For full translation head over to MBLAQism 😀

Q : At the fans meeting , MBLAQ wore teletubbies’ costumes on stage , whose idea was it ?
Thunder : Haha ~ Before I debut I once saw Wondergirls during fans meeting wore teletubbies’ costumes and appear on stage ~ So I thought that if we suddenly wear teletubbies’ costumes and appear , fans might find it interesting ! Everyone wear cute clothes and keep singing cute songs , it feels very cute ! Keke ! I had never been so cute before , so as to show a different charm , we must make concerted effort ~ Keke !

Q : Is Thunder’s noona Dara’s relationship with other members good ?
Thunder : Not very close. Haha !
G.O : Regarding this question , I have a lot of displease ~ Is same group member’s noona , relationship should be close ~ However in actual fact , because we are artistes , hence at outside want to be close also unable to ! I once told CL from 2NE1 that I want to be friend with her , but after that time we tmet , we did not met each other again.

Q : Which member doesn’t use his handphone very often ?
Thunder : Keke ~ I think is me ~ My handphone is able to not charge for 4 to 5 days !

Source : Epop magazine , issue no 298.
Translation  by MBLAQism / joonminmir

|MAG| Thunder on EPOP Mag Malay Version

Thunder Rank #8 at Nine-Head Figures Flower Boys on EPOP Mag Malay Version

Huh… what is “nine-head figure?” Nine-head figure means the head length and body height ratio that reached 1:9! In fashion industry, this ratio has been said as the most perfect ratio for catwalk models on the runway! For example, if a person’s head length is 20cm, it means his/her height might reach 180cm! Now let’s take a look of which male idols owned that such of perfect height in the entertainment industry.

#8 Cheon Doong
Cheon Doong’s Noona, Dara has exposed Cheon Doong’s perfect body on her blog. With his perfect body ratio + handsome face, Cheon Doong really deserved the title of “nine-head figure flower boy”!

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