Video: *UPDATED* [FANCAM] 130216 Thunder impersonating + MBLAQ teasing Binsoo Manager at LECAF Fansign Event

OMO! Is it me or was Thunder’s voice just a little bit deeper than usual when he introduced himself? And the screams! I wonder what he said that made Joon and Seungho laugh? I think he impersonated someone XD And Binsoo manager came out and got teased by MBLAQ! So cute!

Source: @onlyMBLA1

Video: [FANCAM] 130216 Cute Thunder and Joon talking, signing at LECAF Fan-sign Event!

So cute! Joon bowing his head a bit to talk to Thunder! And the fans are just “Oppa-yah~~” So so cute!

Source: dusghk ng @ YT