Videos: [FANCAMS] 130824 – MBLAQ @ ‘Love Beat’ Yeouido Fan-sign Event!

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Video: [FANCAM] 130808 – Thunder’s “Don’t Go” Solo Perf in MBLAQ’s Mexico Concert!

*___* Thunder, can you just give me a minute and breathe? >___< I love his outfit there and the chair andfaskjdfaskldjflask;djf so awesome ♥ I would love to see it live!

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Photos + Fancam: [130709] Model Thunder + MBLAQ Arriving/Leaving Hong Jin Kyung Radio!



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Video: [FANCAM] 130216 Cute Thunder and Joon talking, signing at LECAF Fan-sign Event!

So cute! Joon bowing his head a bit to talk to Thunder! And the fans are just “Oppa-yah~~” So so cute!

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|FCAMS+PICS| 100927 SGB Recording

His smirk.. ❤ 😀

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