Videos: [FANCAMS] 130815 – MBLAQ ‘I Don’t Know’ Performance + Talk Section @ Zepp Tokyo Concert!

Buncha cuteness that is MBLAQ~ Seriously, I love how funny and free will MBLAQ is in their concerts! It’s one of their appeals! They do everything that’s fun and they love doing it! It was funny when at the end of ‘I Don’t Know’ instead of Mir saying “Cheondung hyung” per their usual choreo but he said “Park Sanghyun!!” and they both did some kungfu(?) thing XD lol

I don’t know

MC Talk Section

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Videos: [FANCAMS] 130727 – MBLAQ Performances + Impersonations @ Bonghwa Eunuh Festival

Thunder impersonating Actor Lee Sung Jae

MBLAQ Impersonations


It’s War

Mona Lisa

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|FANCAMS| 101023 17th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards

UPDATE! Here’s a Doongie-biased fancam during their ‘Y’ performance:

Credits: That’s Right, [Thunder] and as shared @ bestiz
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|PICS+FANCAM| 100916 Chonbuk National University

Credit: I’m not there

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|PIC+FANCAM| 100917 Going to Japan

Chundoong looking mighty fine going to Japan. He’s also wearing a Chrome necklace like Dara. 😀 Must be one of the good presents Dara was talking about in my previous post.. LOL…


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