Twitte: [@shpthunder] 131005 – Thunder Lovingly Thanks Fans for Birthday Support! – “I’m proud ♥”


Translation: “Thanks so much & I love you you are amazing♥ im proud ♥ I’ll work to become a better artist fighting!!”

Note: Thunder’s korean fans donated to charity for his birthday & there were news articles of it

Source: @shpthunder
Translated by: @kristinekwak

Twitter: [@MBLAQSH] 130608 Seungho Updates with A Delicious Selca of MBLAQ

kekeke Seungho is always trying to eat Thunder! Well, Thunder does look delicious~ Hahaha~~ This was probably backstage of Music Bank comeback.

Translation: “We’ll eat lots of the food food food taken care of by our fans and go for first place he I love A+♡”

Source: @mblaqsh
Translated by: Holly @ ABM