|PICS| 110213 MBLAQ at Fan signing event

Only Doongie, Seungho and G.O were present. Get well soon Joon and Mir!

Only 2 for now. Not sure if their will be mor, but will update IF founding new ones!

Credit as tagged

|PICS+VID| 110111 MBLAQ fansignings -Cheondung’s Part

VERY VERY cute fancams! Doongie is so cute that I want to touch his cheeks xD

Credits: 승리의양승호, 방철미르 , 꼬기둥, czerny, 연습실에서보아요, 오늘날씨승호, 냥승호 @ Bestiz, http://www.withthunder.com, http://19901007.co1.kr/, A Lucky Day

Fancams after the cut!

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