News: FIESTAR Hyemi about her friendship with Cheondung, IU and HIGH4 Sunggu

In a radio broadcast today, the radio host asked Hyemi what “Jjuguri” meant to her, to which she replied, “it’s like pasta.”

“Jjuguri” is the name Hyemi, Cheondung, IU and Sunggu referred to themselves when they were still trainees at LOEN around 7 years ago. Jjuguri is a Korean slang for “a worthless person.” They believed that, since they were the youngest among other trainees and their seniors back then, they should just stay quiet and obediently respect their elders, doing nothing like a worthless person.

Hyemi likened her friendship to them like “pasta,” comparing the way one starts craving Western-type food when one always eats their meals with rice to how she sometimes think of her trainee friends when she experiences difficult times (in her career.)


Recently, Hyemi also mentioned missing Cheondung and Sunggu in her Thanks To in FIESTAR’s latest album.

Source: enewsworld