Photos: [180606] MBLAQ Eating & Filming in Mexico w/ @SATMKT1 and @ReikMx!




Source: @SATMKT1

Photos: [130619] Smiling Thunder/MBLAQ filming Arirang’s ‘Ater School Club’

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Photos: [130619] MBLAQ Filming @ Ryunique Studios for MTV Interview

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Source: seho187 + ryunique
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Video: [CUT] 130328 MBLAQ Thunder – Mona Lisa Japanese Version Making Film Highlight Cut:

kkk Thunder’s so cute XD At the beginning of the video, he asked the camera man if he was taking a picture of him XD

Source: mblaqthunder1007

|PICS| G.O visiting Cheondung during CF filming?

Everyone knew that Cheondung filmed for a cf sometimes ago, but we are not sure if it involves all the members or just Doongie himself.

 But for the first time we saw another member, G.O, on the set. Did he also participate in the cf or is it just a normal visit??

You can see the former CF filming pics here: Doongie filming for a chapstick CF

And the pics Bear manager tweeted from the CF filming: Cheondung filming

Credit: Bestiz and

Re-up by 百度MBLAQ吧

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