|OLD SHOWS| Thunder and Krystal as emcees in MWave

Back in 2010, Thunder and Krystal were emcees for the music program MWave. Here are some cuts.

Most of the feedback was that they were awkward. I don’t disagree with that.  I think these are some of the reasons why:
– they were still “new idols” during that time and that was their first time hosting, so the level of nervousness  was really high. Particularly, MWave was a new show also.
– it was a duo: a male-female idol combination.. In most cases of male-female idol combinations, there are 3 or 4 people involved. If there are only two idols hosting, they are usually both males or both females.
– they were hosting in English which is not their native language and haven’t used that in a long time..
-Thunder memorizes choreos  easily but I think he cannot exactly memorize the script as is that’s why he keeps on looking at his cue cards. He’s the type who gets the important info and just ad libs for the other parts.
– parts of their scripts are so ‘cheesy’…. hahahaha… I’m not complaining though… I love Krystal-Thunder pairing… 😛

credit: FXNFCHK

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|CAPS+VID| 110213 MBLAQ and Sulli Valentine special @ Inkigayo

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!^^

Credit as tagged

The vid and more caps after the cut!

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|PICS+VID| Other Chinese Fansites Birthday Greetings to ChundoongThunderDoongie

These are from Thunder’s Baidu Bar. A lot of other fansites dropped by there to say their birthday greetings/ messages to ChundoongThunderDoongie.  But I’m just going to share some of the birthday pics they made for ChundoongThunderDoongie. ♥♥♥

Some of these fansites are Beast China, F(x) China, Khuntoria, YG, FT Island.. etc..

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|MAG| ASTA TV August 2010 Vol. 37

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