140905 Simply K-pop in Chuncheon official MBLAQ performance videos

MBLAQ  – Be A Man

MBLAQ – Mona Lisa

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Twitter: [@MBLAQGO] 130916 – G.O Updates w/ Heartwarming Pics of MBLAQ – “Don’t gain weight like me…”


Translation: “Everyone! Have a great Hangawi (Korean Thanks Giving)^^ The coming long weekend is going to be a good one so throughout the long weekend do eat a lot of yummy things and have a very very good time with your families! Don’t gain weight like me…”


Source: @MBLAQGO
Translation by:  MBLAQSG

Photo: [130503] Unseen photo of Thunder and GO with a couple at a restaurant

Judging from Thunder’s temporary tattoos, this seemed to be after their MBLAQ concert ^^ I wonder who the couple are~


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Photo: [UNSEEN] 130220 Chic Thunder with G.O’s close friend, Jo Minje

If you guys don’t remember Jo Minje is G.O’s close friend who showed up from Idol Manager episode 5 ^^ Wow, he looks different! kekeke

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Photos: 120916 MBLAQ (G.O, Joon, & Thunder) @ Eulaschacha Strong Man Idol Recording

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