|FCAMS| Various WithThunder/ That’s Right vids

101028 – MBLAQ Playing Backstage at G20 event

– oh, so Doongie played with Seungho, then Mir then Joon.. haha, we didn’t see him play with his daddy GO.. he only played with the guys wearing black top.. 😀 and again JoonDoong moments at the end…  ♥ 🙂

Watch the other fancam here..

|FCAM| 101028 Rehearsal – G20 Event

Oh, WithThunder pips were there when he wore one of their birthday gifts. How nice. WithThunder / That’s Right must be really happy to see him wear that. 😀

cr. That’s Right/ http://www.withthunder.com

|PICS + FCAM| 101028 MBLAQ Playing Backstage (G20 Event)

Can you spot WithThunder/ That’s Right’s birthday gift? 😀 If you can’t, then check it out below.

MBLAQ so cute playing like kids.. and look at GO’s no-looker V- sign pose  at this pic.. 🙂

credit as tagged; 月球上的Mir at MBLAQ’s Baidu Bar

Check the fancam of them playing here..