Twitter: [@gutaewon] 130616 – Goo Tae Won Uploads a Handsome Selca of Thunder

Perfect proportion with a cute smile~~~

Rough translation: “Inkigayo finished and good-looking Doongie^^”

Source: @gutaewon
Translated/Posted by: kamepichan@Ohthunder

Twitter: [@gutaewon] 130611 – Goo Tae Won Tweets a Chic MBLAQ Photo

Translation: “Waiting Room…”


Source: @gutaewon


Twitter: [@gutaewon] 130609 – Goo Tae Won Tweets a Group Photo with MBLAQ (sans Joon)

Translation: “Prepare for the first broadcast you’ve gone through a lot This is now the start~~~ MBLAQ fighting!! Dduswi~~dduswi”


Source: @gutaewon
Translated by: Afrah @ ABM