Twitter: [@SOUNDK2022] 130618 – Sound K Shares a Group Pic with MBLAQ

Sound K: “Special Guest MBLAQ!!! ;-)”


Twitter: [@gutaewon] 130609 – Goo Tae Won Tweets a Group Photo with MBLAQ (sans Joon)

Translation: “Prepare for the first broadcast you’ve gone through a lot This is now the start~~~ MBLAQ fighting!! Dduswi~~dduswi”


Source: @gutaewon
Translated by: Afrah @ ABM

Twitter: [@kafahr] 130422 Park Soocheol shares a sentimental group pic of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ cast + staffs

The drama hasn’t even started and the filming has already ended ㅠㅠ I already miss them. It was short but I wish to see the staff and the cast to work together again ㅠㅠ

Rough translation: “Thank you to everyone. *bow*… Also, we were happy.”


Source: @kafahr
Translated + posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder