[UPDATED!] Video: 130503 [TEASER] Thunder is overfamiliar busybody JIN in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama

Hahahaha~! I seriously can’t with Thunder as Jin! He’s just asking to be argued with! Just going into people’s bubbles and Yeoju can’t have that! lol

Rough Translations/Notes 


Jin: “Wah, Hyung, should we got a jimjilbang then?” (Jimjilbang is a korean bathhouse/spa place)


Jin the overexcited goofball toldAlex (Jeon Jihoo) and Yeoju (Gyuri) they should go inside the steam rooms


Jin: “What’s this?”

Yeoju: “mp3! It’s an mp3!”

Jin said something about Yeoju being strange and Yeoju got flustered and denied it XD

Rough translations by: kamepichan@OhThunder
Source: MBCplusm

News Article: [130503] The Reason why MBLAQ’s Thunder said “KARA’s Gyuri is a Fool”?

The reason behind MBLAQ’s Thunder’s exclamation that “Gyuri is a fool” has been revealed.

The main characters of MBC QUEEN’s new drama  “Nail Salon Paris ~Love Starts from the Fingertips~” (also knows as “Nail Salon Paris”), KARA’s Park Gyuri, Jeon Jihoo, Song Jaerim and MBLAQ’s Thunder, appeared on MBC QUEEN’s “TALK CONCERT QueeN” which was broadcasted on 2 May in Korea.

During the programme, MC Yoo Younghoon posed a question, “How would you define Gyuri as an actress?”. Jeon Jihoo answered, “Gyuri is like a vitamin drink, because despite the hectic schedule, her passion allows her press on tirelessly.”

Song Jaerim described, “Gyuri is a very nice and hardworking person. Her determination to work hard surpasses everybody. She has become a good source of motivation to me.”.

Thunder answered, “Gyuri is a fool,” causing the studio to explode into laughter. However Thunder explained further, “She is an really great person, someone who is addicted to practising . When we are all tired and taking a nap, she continues to practice her script. A fool who thinks of nothing but practicing.

The first broadcast of “Nail Salon Paris”, which Gyuri, Jeon Jihoo, Song Jaerim and Thunder are acting in, will be on 3 May at 11pm on MBC QUEEN. The first and second stories are scheduled to be shown consecutively on the first day of the broadcast.

Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=1967972&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
(Dated 3 May 2013)
Translation: melllllly@tumblr/_breakit@twitter

Videos: 130502 [FULL+CUT] Thunder with main cast of ‘NSP’ in MBC Talk Concert Queen Show

Thunder didn’t talk much but he’s always been a quiet bot ^^ kkk There was a part where he talked about Gyuri being a ‘fool’ during filming or in the set, I think XD kkk GyulDoong And at part 5, he was asked to describe the drama and he said “Nail Shop Paris is… a nail art drama” XD lol

Thunder CUT

*Thunder’s part: 1:38 and 3:49

At 0:01



At 0:08 and 2:52


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