Photos: 150412 Cheondung filming for “Make a Woman Cry”

Today, Cheondung was spotted shooting an outdoors scene for his new drama, “Make a Woman Cry.” He was seen all suited up in front of the Gakwonsa Temple, getting into a car with what looks to be his on-screen mom, actress Ha Heera.




Source: sol___ji on Instagram

(Updated!) “Make a Woman Cry” character chart

A quick overview of the character relationships (and confirmed actors) in Make A Woman Cry:


*The letters are too small for me to read clearly that I’m not sure whether it’s Heonbeuk or Hyunbeuk and Jinyoung or Jinmyung.

Original photo source: Naver Blog
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder
*The original blog post no longer appears

An updated character chart that includes the new confirmed actors joining the cast (thanks to @thunder4452):


Actress Seo Woorim as Mrs. Min Jeongsuk (70), actress Han Yiseo as Jinhee (34), rookie actors Shin Jiwoon and Han Jongyoung as Minseo (23) and Yoonseo (18) respectively, actress Lee Dain as Park Hyojung (25), actress Kim Jiyoung as Bokrye (70), actor Jin Seon-gyu as Kyungsoo (42), actor Ji Iljoo as  Kyungtae (34), and actress Han Bobae as Kyungah (25).

News: Cheondung to act in upcoming MBC drama airing this April

This will be Cheondung’s first official activity under APOP/Mystic Ent. and his second major role in a drama. He is set to play the handsome son, Hyunseo, of a wealthy family (whose mother, Eunsoo, will be played by actress) in the upcoming drama entitled “Make A Woman Cry.” A young man in his 20s, the character is described to have a “gentle personality” but also with a “dark side.” (A/N: It’s a slight departure from the friendly, cheerful and cute image he portrayed in Nail Shop Paris. Although his character Jin then also had a difficult past, it helped him become the good person he was, so it’s interesting to see how Hyunseo will be like this time.)

The new MBC Drama will be replacing Rosy Lovers in its primetime slot every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) at 8:40PM KST after it ends in April. Written by Ha Chung-ok (whose works also include Pots of Gold) and to be directed by Kim Geunhong (who also directed Gyebaek and Heojoon, The Original Story), it was also previously announced that actress Kim Jung-eun (Lovers in Paris) will be starring as the main character Deok-in, a pivotal figure in the lives of students as she herself tries to recover from the loss of her son.

Sources: MyDaily, enewsworld