Screencaps: [130517] Happy-go-Lucky Thunder as Jin in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 4 CAPS!

Hahaha, splurged a bit ^^ but Thunder’s facial expressions are just hilarious. Although in this episode there were a bit of Jin-Jisoo moments T-T

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Video: [ENG SUBBED] 130510 ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 03

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Video: [130506] ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Event + More Preview of Jin finding out Yeoju’s identity

HOMGAH, HILARIOUS!! Han Soyoung aka “Jisoo” was in the room with Jin and Gyuri walked, was shocked seeing Jin there and dropped her towel! HAHAHHAHA, I love how Jin covered his eyes! This must be how Jin found out that Bani aka Yeoju was a girl!

Source: MBCplusm

News Article: [130427] Lee Joon gives an advice to Thunder in acting, “Just do what you want to”


MBLAQ’s Thunder who will be acting for the first time talked about the advice of fellow MBLAQ member Lee Joon to him.

The cast of MBC’s cable channel queen drama, “Nail shop Paris“, Park Gyuri, Thunder, Song Jae Rim, Jun Ji Hoo, Byun Woo Min, Kim Chae Yun, Han So Young, and PD Park Soo Chul attended the production announcement last April 26 in Seoul’s Yeouido CGV.

On this day, Thunder said “Until now, it seems like I will still be in MBLAQ’s concept which is manly and I’ll be showing off a strong image. I’m like that, and the other members dont have aegyo as well. Because it seems like I wasn’t able to show much of the smiling me, I would like to show my happy, smiling look if I have the opportunity this time.”

He was also asked if he received any advice from the members and he said,“I went to ask some advice from hollywood actor Lee Joon hyung and he told me just to do what I want. That’s why I just did everything i want to”, he replied while laughing.

Source: Naver article
Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls
Posted by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Photos: 130426 Pouting Thunder + more pics at Wally’s Camping Hop

I think I’ve overused the word ‘cute’ for Thunder… OTL… but… HE’S JUST SO CUTE! XD lol

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