*UPDATED w/ BTS* Video: [FULL] 130802 – MBLAQ on ‘The Dramatic’ Music Idol Drama Episode 1


Thunder’s character seems to be student who’s been in New York, California and London

Behind The Story

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Photo: [130802] Another Still of MBLAQ for ‘The Dramatic’ Music Idol Drama

So excited! It’s airing tonight!

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Video: [TEASER] 130724 – MBLAQ + Other Idols for ‘The Dramatic’ Idol Drama

HOMGG, MBLAQ acting with other idols in this idol drama! Can’t wait! I hope Thunder gets some good scenes and uses his acting from ‘Nail Shop Paris’ as experience! Other idol groups I see are ZEA’s Kwanghee, Girl’s Day and Rainbow ^^

*MBLAQ on ‘The Dramatic’ Idol Drama will air on August. 2 (Ep.1) and August. 9 (Ep. 2)

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Photos: [130723] Thunder & MBLAQ are Serious-Looking on ‘The Dramatic’ Idol Drama Stills

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