|NEWS + AUDIO| 101209 IU Releases Her Third Mini Album, “Real”

After the release of her music video teaser, IU finally returns to the music scene with the release of her third mini album, “Real”. The album consists of 6 songs and an instrumental of the title track, “Good Day”.

The title track was worked on by those who also worked on IU’s “Nagging” (feat. 2AM’s Seulong), Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”, and Ga-in’s “Irreversible”. IU participated in co-writing the lyrics to the fifth track “Alone in the Room”. In addition, MBLAQ’s Thunder is featured in IU’s sixth track, “Preview of Christmas”, with a short rapping part.

Check out all the songs below and don’t forget to support IU by purchasing “Real” at Bugs, Mnet, or Melon. IU will begin her comeback stages this week on Music Bank, so don’t forget to tune in.

Listen to the audio, plus check out the lyrics here..

|TWITTER| 101208 Thunder Tweets About IU’s Abum, Plus a Cute Story about Jollibee

IU’s new album will be released at 12am tonight~! This is revealed as a Merry Christmas in advance please show lots of love~! ^^

Source: Thunder’s Twitter
Translated: xxsheena@mblaattack.com
Reuploaded: yuki@mblaqattack.com & xxsheena@mblaqattack.com

Haha, I think I know why he posted the info in English.. Continue reading to find out..

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|INFO| 101202 Thunder to participate in IU’s new mini album

[Quoted only the part where they mentioned Thunder]

신사동호랭이의 ‘미리 메리 크리스마스’는 아이유가 팬들에게 선물하는 고백송으로, 연습생 시절부터 아이유와 함께 우정을 쌓아온 엠블랙의 멤버 천둥이 랩에 참여해 힘을 실어주었다. ‘미리 메리 크리스마스’는 아이유의 맑은 목소리와 포근한 느낌의 편곡으로 올 겨울 모두의 마음을 아름답게 물들일 러브송으로 완성되었다.

‘Merry Christmas ahead of time’” is a confession song by IU to her fans, and MBLAQ’s Cheondung (who IU has know since her training days), will be featuring with his rap. ‘Merry Christmas ahead of time’ features IU’s bright voice, and warm feelings, and is a love song that will beautifully go into everyone’s hearts this winter.”

TRANSLATION: glitzyglam @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

|PICS| Cheondung Pre-debut

So here is a collection of pics of our Doongie before debut~~

The first time he appeared on screen was during 2004 when Sandara, Doongie’s sister, starred in KBS “Human theater – My name is Sandara Park”. Except pics there are also a few caps of him from that show^^

He haven’t changed at all except being more mature and manly~XD

Credits: MBLAQ DC gallery, MBLAQ Baidubar

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|PRE-DEBUT| Park Sanghyun in IU’s MIA MV


cr. ShikaIE

Click here for some Behind the Scenes clips!