Magazine Scans: [130629] Dandy Man Thunder on Sky TV Guide Japanese Magazine

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Video: [130625] MBLAQ – The ‘BLAQ FUN-CH’ in Zepp Tokyo on Han-Chu TV!

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Twitter: 130516 [@JTune_official] JTUNECAMP shares photo of bouquets from Japanese fans + sitting MBLAQ

Translation: This is the bouquet that arrived today in the venue! Thank you every japanese A+. MBLAQ’s pre-procuction was durring an interview while you are there, please try to be the one!

Translation by: Carolline

Video: 130304 MBLAQ Single「MONA LISA -Japanese Version-」MV making 45sec ver.

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Scans + Translations: 130327 Smiling Happy Thunder and MBLAQ for Hanako Japanese Magazine!

OMAGAT! Another japanese magazine and just like HanRyu mag, Thunder looks great in here! Look at his smile! Aigoo, he looks like a kid XD SeungDoong! I just love the smiles of MBLAQ~ Gah, and seriously, I’ve always known that Thunder is quiet but I just love how deep he can be T-T I love japanese interviews ♥


It’ll be good if a girl who teaches me love comes to my life-

Q: Please introduce yourself and greet the readers

Thunder: “I’m Cheondung, in charge of visual in MBLAQ. Please look forward to MBLAQ’s performance and upgraded stage. I am in charge of “silence” to prevent noise at our dorm. And currently, I am also in charge of nail(art) among male idols (laugh).”

Q: What is your image of “Mona Lisa” that is in your new song?

Thunder: A woman who has talent and knowledge in her own area. Like someone who is admired by everyone.”

Q: What do you and your sister DARA talk?

Thunder: “When I see my sister who is busy, we always talk about how we are doing these days. We make our friendship stronger and deeper like that (by talking).”

Q: You have said that you have never been in love before, and it was such a news.

Thunder: “Even though I have two sisters, I cannot express my feeling in front of women. I wonder if I could find a girl that makes me relax like my sisters do, I’d be myself, just the way I am. My ideal love? Nothing specific, but it’ll be good if a girl who teaches me love comes to my life.”

Q: How do you keep “yourself” during hectic schedule?

Thunder: “I try to not forget having a dream, so I read a lot and look back myself. I always carry one book that I like. Today, I have a book called, “Hakuna Matata,” which makes me to look back myself (reconsider how I should be).”

Q: What is your favorite food in Seoul?

Thunder: “Yukhoe Bibimbap (육회 비빔밥). In the past, only the king was able to eat bibimbap, and now everyone can eat it (that’s why he likes it).”

Q: Please tell us your secret.

Thunder: “I am so shy like Lee Joon kun.”

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Translated by: @minhoonha
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder