Photos: [130608] Official Stills of Thunder in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 05-06

I have yet to watch Ep. 6 so I’m not sure about the 2nd pic but it’s Thunder driving? HOMG, I need to watch ep. 6 soon. Also, /sighs/ I’m sure you’ve watched ep.5 and Thunder dancing with Jisoo in the club. OTL They’re so close in here.

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Source: MBC Queen
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Screencaps: [130517] Happy-go-Lucky Thunder as Jin in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Episode 4 CAPS!

Hahaha, splurged a bit ^^ but Thunder’s facial expressions are just hilarious. Although in this episode there were a bit of Jin-Jisoo moments T-T

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Video: [130506] ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Event + More Preview of Jin finding out Yeoju’s identity

HOMGAH, HILARIOUS!! Han Soyoung aka “Jisoo” was in the room with Jin and Gyuri walked, was shocked seeing Jin there and dropped her towel! HAHAHHAHA, I love how Jin covered his eyes! This must be how Jin found out that Bani aka Yeoju was a girl!

Source: MBCplusm