Translation: Thunder’s “Thanks To” on MBLAQ’s 5th Mini Album ‘Sexy Beat’

Awww~ Doong’s love for his family, JTUNE staff, Nail Shop Paris staff and even Jooguri~~ That’s IU and his two other friends!


To the biggest treasure in my life: mom, big noona, little noona, dadoongie *<3<3<3* Let’s go!
Thank you for always giving me strength. I love you.

To J.Tune Camp family, the hyungs that composed good songs for us, DQ dancers who made the cool stage for us, my first acting partner “Nail Shop Paris” family, Director Lee Jae Yoon and Paul Studio who took great pictures for us, Director Moon and ING staff who made a cool video for us, fashionable designers Azure, all the stylists who always work so hard with us – thank you for making our album come out so awesome this time!! Youngman hyoung Star Gym and our members did a great job. Also, my friends Jooguri and Meng, thanks. I hope this album will be a new starting album. Great job everyone!

To all the fans that waited for a year and a half, thank you.

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Photos: [TWITTER] IU updates with selcas with Thunder + friends “quickly make a debut so we four can do a talk show”

OMGOSH. I will forever be in love with Thunder-IU friendship ♥ 혜미언니 생일 기념 쭈글이들 사진 방출 성구찡 혜미찡 얼른 데뷔해서 저렇게 넷이 토크쇼 했음 좋겠다♥

“Hyemi unnie birthday commemoration celebration picture release It would be nice if Seongu and Hyemi quickly make a debut so we four can do a talk show♥”

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Source: IU’s twitter
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