|FANVID| Dorky MBLAQ Videos

Here’s a Christmas treat from Cherry2Addict.. 🙂

Really miss MBLAQ..

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Photos: 120916 MBLAQ (G.O, Joon, & Thunder) @ Eulaschacha Strong Man Idol Recording

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Re-uploaded by:  Thundersound1007@OhThunder

[CUT] 120524 MBLAQ Mydol with Eng Sub (Part 2)

The continuation of last week’s show… Just click CC to read the subs..
Enjoy! 😀

credit: todnxnlrla

|SCANS| 111000 COOL轻音乐 -October Issue (Chinese mag)

Yay, we finally got better scans of this interview with JoonDoong and Wei Chen, that I first posted here: https://ohthunder.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/111000-cool轻音乐-october-issue-chinese-mag/

Stay tuned for a rough translation by me 😀

Scans by 幻紫流云 @魏晨吧

Translation by JenのYi (Jennisity @Twitter)

17/10 Trans of the first part of the interview “Hello, Stranger”

18/10 Trans of the second part “Hello, Sunbae-nim”

25/10 Trans of the last part “Hello, Chingu”


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111015 Kim Hyung Sub tweets “We are one family”

So the manager tweeted along with a pic of Joondoong and others from the 2nd anniversary party 😀

Kim Hyung Sub (@zlzlml) We’re one family keke The special party for 2nd anniversary~~~

Source: Kim Hyung Sub Twitter

Translation by qwert @ AbsoluteMBLAQ