Videos: [FANCAMS] 130815 – Hilarious Thunder Cosplays as Dara + JoonDoong Covers 2NE1’s IATB!

I CANNOT WITH THIS OTL Seriously about just died laughing XD Ahahaha! This is so hilarious! Joon’s cover of SNSD and Kara and then, our bby boy Thunder dressing up as Dara with the palm tree hair and the skirt! This is priceless! I wish I was there! Ahahahahahha!

Thunder focused performing 2NE1’s ‘I am the Best’

Joon covering SNSD/Kara + Thunder covering 2NE1’s IATB

Source: JL0419onlyMBLAQ1

HQ Photos: [130622] Handsome Thunder & Cute JoonDoong @ MBLAQ’s ‘Sexy Beat’ Shinchon Fan-sign

IMG_5751 cats IMG_6500-vert

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HQ Photos: [130622] Playful JoonDoong at ‘Sexy Beat’ Shinchon Fan-sign!


둥이_장난 IMG_1969_사본 IMG_2528_사본 IMG_2535_사본 IMG_2346_사본 IMG_2567_사본

Source: lastljoon
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder


Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130630 – Cute Thunder + JoonDoong/MBLAQ at YongSan Fan-Sign Event!

HOMGGG, Thunder ♥ Why so cute & handsome! And of course, JoonDoong is as cute and playful as ever! I love Thunder’s hair here, there’s streaks of blonde and just a gorgeous mix of pink and slight blonde tresses!

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Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130629 – Playful Thunder Steals Seungho’s Food + MBLAQ at Incheon Fan-Sign Event!

kkkk~~~ Thunder’s so cute stealing food from Yang leader and of course, Yang Leader gives him a glare (this is food we’re talking about) but he loves Thunder so he lets him XD kkk

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