News: [130827] J.Tune, Starship, & WM Ent. Mentioned as Some of the Possible Candidates for Next Merger with SM C&C

This news has NOT been officially confirmed. 


Ever since the merger between Woollim Entertainment and SM C&C, music fans have been eager to learn whether any more mergers may be coming about, and the simple answer is probably yes.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as with the previous merger, SM Entertainment, the biggest shareholder of subsidiary SM C&C, clearly revealed their hopes of becoming a leading global music group like that of Universal Music GroupSony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.

In order to reach such a level, SM will need to bring in several agencies under them to become a major label or a group like the aforementioned three.

One previous report mentioned that insiders in the music industry claimed, “With Woollim as a start, there is a rumor that several companies will be going under the SM label. There are several that are already being discussed. Although many agencies are venturing into the overseas market riding on Hallyu, it’s hard for them to catch up to the know-hows and network of SM, who has built up a long history… Making good music and producing singers is a separate issue from marketing them. If they are able to distribute these responsibilities through label mergers, then it is a win-win situation for everyone.”

Regarding all this, an SM C&C rep did not deny it, but also didn’t give specific details as he said, “As we have started a label business, we will be pursuing more label-joinings with various companies. There is a possibility open with various companies. Through this project, we look forward to an effect of simultaneous growth between SM Ent and various labels.”

 Since this article, a more recent one has surfaced, naming three companies in particular among the mid-tier agencies that are currently being discussed for a merger: J.Tune Camp (representative artist: MBLAQ), Starship Entertainment(representative artist: SISTAR), and WM Entertainment (representative artist: B1A4).

A rep from one of these companies is said to have cautiously responded, “It is true that we have discussed with SM before, but nothing has been decided upon.”

The article mentions that it seems like these companies are waiting to see how it works out for INFINITE, TASTY, and NELL under Woollim. If SM can help INFINITE’s new world tour see much success, it’s expected that the next merger for SM may happen soon.

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Twitter: 130503 [@JTune_official] Meet Nail Artist ‘Jin’ with Smurf friends at MBC Queen!

lol Doong so cute with that Smurf figure!

Rough translation: [MBLAQ] The day you can meet nail artist Jin! Are you ready for the original live broadcast? 11 o’clock tonight! MBC Queen ‘Nail Shop Paris’ first broadcast! (Episode 2 Consecutive) +Together with Smurf friends!


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Translated by: Holly@ABM
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Twitter: [@khj0601] JTUNE Staff Kim Hyojung tweets her anticipation for DJs Thunder and GO for Sukira Radio Show!

Kim Hyojung is a staff from JTUNE ^^ It seems that she’s a manager that handles fan-related things such as gifts given to MBLAQ by fans~

Translation: “Looking forward to MBLAQ’s G.O & Cheondung’s harmonious DJ-ing!! I frantically want to see it now ㅠㅠ”

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