Press Photos: [131022] Thunder w/ Cast of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ for Drama Promotion in Japan!

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Video: [CUT] 130624 – MBLAQ, Thunder + Nail Shop Paris Cast on Han-Love TV


‘Nail Shop Paris’

Source: joongrechu

Screencaps: [130503] Adorable maknae JIN for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ EPISODE 01

FINALLY! The first episode! GAH, there were so many frames that I wanted to upload but I had to control myself and limit~ Overall, Thunder was just puking cuteness in here ♥ Every part was just so stinking adorable and funny~~ His acting wasn’t bad at all and he fits his character well! Also my goodness, Thunder, Jaerim and Jihoo were just too handsome. I may be a bit biased when I say I like Jin-Kei more~ And of course, hahaha nosy Jin with Yeoju~ He had his arm around Yeoju a lot~ ♥

I recommend looking at all the pics through the slideshow as I don’t embed all the pics!

130503 네일샵 파리스 E01 엠블랙 천둥(MBLAQ Thunder) _진(JIN)_ Cut.mp4_000011878 130503 네일샵 파리스 E01 엠블랙 천둥(MBLAQ Thunder) _진(JIN)_ Cut.mp4_000392658 130503 네일샵 파리스 E01 엠블랙 천둥(MBLAQ Thunder) _진(JIN)_ Cut.mp4_000242175 130503 네일샵 파리스 E01 엠블랙 천둥(MBLAQ Thunder) _진(JIN)_ Cut.mp4_000096896

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Photo: 130409 Thunder and main cast are all smiling for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama poster!

HOMGGG, so so so cute! Thunder’s smile and Jaerim’s are just so adorable! GAH, can’t wait for this!

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Source: MBCmedia
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Photo: 130408 ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama poster at a MBC station

Whee~ Now there’s a drama poster! I wish we have this is in a better quality but homg, I’m so excited~

Source: @yoniee1004