Twitter: 130425 Sukira Twitter shares a photo of ByungSanghyun DJ giving us thumbs-up!

ByungSanghyun~~ ♥ These two that always some sort of hat~~ Aigooo~~ And is it me or has Doongie’s cheeks gotten more… hehehe, chubbier? Chubby Doong ♥

Translation: “A feeling that copious energy will happen by just listening!!! Today is, together with MBLAQ’s G.O+Chundoong as Sukira’s special DJs:) The two full of life men’s Sukira- is soon starting!”


Translated by: ashajyothi @
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

|FANVID| Dorky MBLAQ Videos

Here’s a Christmas treat from Cherry2Addict.. 🙂

Really miss MBLAQ..

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|VID| ENG MBLAQ Idol Manager Ep 12

lol… Part 3 @ 8:27

Seungho really wants to be partnered with Thunder, neh? Even willing to act as a woman?!? Adorable SeungDoong!

caption: Thunder lands role as Sam
PKL: Sam! (calling Thunder)
Other voices: Sam! Yes, Sam. (camera focuses on Thunder’s reaction)
SH: Then I’ll play Donna
Thunder: Donna Sheridan
SH: Are you crazy? ( uses a high-pitched female voice)
Thunder: Donna Sheridan


credit: sinaq3

|VID| MBLAQ Fancams in Chile

Here are some  fancams of MBLAQ in Chile.. Of course, I posted those that focused more on Thunder…  🙂
Credit and thanks to the uploaders of these videos.


credit: Li Martos

Gangnam Style
Thunder at the left side corner, second person wearing white… Him and Mir had synchronized choreography to Gangname Style.. 🙂

credit: Natalia Rojas

Special Stage- Cueca: Chilean Dance

credit: JohaniBanaHani

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|FCAMS| 110308 MBLAQ in Thailand: DTAC Event

Just sharing some fancams I saw. Thanks to all the uploaders sharing their wonderful fancams.

Airport Arrival

cr. naruudon

Watch fancams of their introduction and performances here..