Video: [CUT] 130703 – MBLAQ on MBC ‘Weekly Idol’

Hahaha! So funny! I love how their schedule hinders their time in here! They’re always getting taken away by their manager XD

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Twitter: [@bestidolone] 130701 – ‘Weekly Idol’ Twitter Tweets About Variety-dol, MBLAQ!

Translation: “Variety-type idol <MBLAQ> underground 3rd floor Weekly Idol made everyone laugh”

Translation: “MBLAQ variety entertainment Chapter 1 Part 1: Not helping a colleague in crisis can immediately create laughter”

Translation: “MBLAQ variety entertainment Chapter 1 Part 2: While throwing out an idol’s image temporarily to Andromeda*, the humiliating feeling is only for a short time. But laughter/big smiles will last forever.
*I’m assuming they mean throwing to another galaxy”

Translation: “Ow, my stomach~~ Endlessly exploding MBLAQ laughter bombs <MBC Every1 Weekly Idol Next Wednesday at 6:00PM>”

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Video: [130626] Preview of MBLAQ on MBC’s ‘Weekly Idol’ Episode 102

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Photos: [130613] MBLAQ filming 100th Episode of ‘Weekly Idol’

Awww, MBLAQ are such variety-dols~~ Jung HyungDon and Defcon are hilarious! Can’t wait for this~ Here‘s an article in which they chose MBLAQ and Infinite as their most memorable guests~ I wonder what they’re doing? Eating? OTL lol

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